Edmund Burke
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."                                                                                                                                                 

  Morris Police Department

Morris, Illinois 

Chief of Police

Alicia Steffes

Deputy Chief of Patrol

Chad Skelton

Investigations Division

Detective Sergeant Ben Zwolinski

Detective Curt Kneller

Detective Paul Burke

Administrative Assistant

to the Chief of Police

Sheri Simms

Records & Technology Coordinator

Kim Bezely

Ordinance Enforcer

Jeff Reeder


Katie Cravens

Community Service Officer

​Bobby Osborn

Patrol Division

Sergeant Charles Newton

Sergeant Anthony Puleo

​Sergeant Dustin Seale

Sergeant Caleb Mitchell

Officer Scott Ator

Officer Jessica Smith

Officer/SRO Derek Zumbahlen

K9 Officer/SRO Mark Vanderploeg

Officer/SRO Scott Evans

Officer/SRO Justin Martin

Officer Mike Bober

K9 Officer Ryan Ties

Officer Sarah Markusic

K9 Officer Nick Pampinella

Officer Anna Schneidewend

Officer Trevor Hodge

​Officer Casie Price

​Officer Mike Pena

Officer Tyler Mayerhofer

Officer Alex Hernandez

Officer Nick Mazzone

​Officer James Bell

Officer Tyler Bordner

​Officer Jace Carpenter

K9 Niko

K9 Hetfield

​K9 Groot


Elma Halpin